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Xiaomi Connected Home

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi announced four new products as part of their own smart home lineup: Xiaomi Smart Remote Control Center, Ants Smart Camera, Xiaomi Smart Socket and Yeelight.

The first one is the smart box itself, which is basically a hub to connect all the smart devices in home. Xiaomi calls it Smart Remote Control Center. Ants is a smart camera features 702P HD live video stream, 110-degree wide angle and 4-times optical zoom. With embedded microphone and loudspeaker, Ants supports two-way remote dialogue. Xiaomi smart socket allows users to switch on and off the power remotely and it has a USB port. You’ll be able to do this via the special app for your smartphone of course. Yeelight is a Bluetooth 4.0-powered smart bulb that enables users to adjust the color and light via a dedicated smartphone app.

Making its first step towards home automation market, Xiaomi has made clear that their hardware product would be “sold at cost” and their aim is to build a unified software platform for all the hardware products from mobile devices to smart home appliances.  The devices will be sent out to 200 beta testers later this month, to work on the implementation of the platform and fix any bugs.

In the battle of the Internet of Things, Xiaomi has a clear lead in China, where its competitors ZTE and Huawei are still slow to embrace these new wearable and smart home devices.

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