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Week In Review 8/02

In case you were too busy last week and didn’t get a chance to catch all the mighty things happening in the connected world, we have compiled a list of the best stories / news of the week:

  • New York is now the world’s number 2 startup ecosystem. Link
  • Google Street View cars are starting to map air pollution. Link

  • A startup from Israel has accidentally created “WhatsApp” for the deaf.  Link
  • The smartphone is the Sun and everything else (drones, wearables, internet of things, connected homes, cars, TVs and so on) orbits around it. We couldn’t agree more with this excellent metaphor from Benedict Evans.  Link

 Wearable Tech
  • Google Glass is back from the dead. Google has secretly released a new version of Glass and it’s just for the workplace, as it probably should be. Link
  • Maybe there doesn’t need to be an Apple Watch app for everything. Link
  • Funding for “hearables” nearly tripled from $12.6M in 2014 to $31.2M this year to date. Link
  • Is the new swatch a game changer?   Link
  • A product director at Google redesigns the Apple Watch UI.  Link
  • A Korean startup is making wearables for the blind, but its ambition is much bigger.  Link

 Internet of Things
  • Last year, a Chinese company was able to 3D-print ten houses in one day. 3D-printing is about to reshape the construction sector. Link
  • The hospital of the future may be closer than you think. What if the majority of care could be provided in our actual homes?  Link
  • The Vikings, largest NFL team, are going virtual in 2015. Link
  • Chris McCann from Greylock Partners wanted to gain a better understanding of the Internet of Things market and how all of the different players fit together. He created a map for himself, hopefully you will find it useful too. Link
  • GE describes its vision of next generation robots.  Link
  • Uber delivers ice cream by drone In Shenzhen.  Link
  • Businesses can rent a Pepper robot for customer services. Link

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