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WeChat Sports

As shown on the WeChat Impact Report, WeChat is no longer just a simple application. One of the reasons WeChat became the most popular messaging app in China on both iOS and Android is the tons of features, additional apps and services built right into the app.

The latest addition to WeChat is WeChat Sports. WeChat now has an option for people with fitness tracker devices such as FitBit, Nike Fuel, iHealth Edge or Xiaomi Mi Band, to share the number of steps they take each day and even compete with their friends. The app can also pull activity data directly from the phone if the user has a phone that auto-senses step counts, like the iPhone 5S or iPhone 6.

WeChat Sports only counts your steps for now, but it does allow you to compare it with your friends. Similar to Nike +, the idea is to turn those self-quantified data into social competition, complete with a daily leaderboard. As a token, the daily leader gets to choose the artwork that appears behind the leaderboard.

The WeChat Sports account is only available in Chinese for now. WeChat aims to eventually expand beyond activity tracking. In November, at the 2014 Tencent Partner Conference, the company already showcased integrations with various health devices, including iHealth’s blood pressure monitor.

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