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Wearable To Stop Smoking

Chrono Therapeutics’ wearable, called SmartStop, is the world’s first programmable smoking cessation therapy and is poised to change the way people quit smoking and improve cessation outcomes.

Equipped with a transdermal nicotine delivery system that allows for a differential, timed-release of nicotine, Smartstop automatically offsets the most powerful cravings. Better than a patch, SmartStop knows when cravings are likely to occur and helps ensure optimal patient compliance throughout the entire smoking cessation regimen.

The device connects via Bluetooth to all mobile devices to enable convenient dosing ability, smoking cessation encouragement when real time cravings are highest, and ongoing coaching and behavior support with connectivity to a community of committed quitters.

With 1 billion current smokers worldwide (WHO) new solutions are needed to address the growing death rates from smoking-related diseases. Approximately one person dies every six seconds due to tobacco, accounting for one in 10 adult deaths. This new technology fills an unmet need in personalizing smoking cessation efforts and has the potential for significant improvement in efficacy over existing treatments on the market.

The company just took a sizable $32 million funding round to further develop the device. The funding round was led by some big names in the venture capital and healthcare world, including Canaan Partners, 5AM Ventures, Fountain Healthcare Partners, Mayo Clinic, and GE Ventures.

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