Wearable Tech As A Priority

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Wearables As A Priority

Speculation as to whether Apple can redefine an entire industry with its upcoming Apple Watch is reminiscent of the skepticism that preceded the launch of the iPad in 2010. Time and time again, history has proven those skeptics were wrong.

Even if wearables from major tech companies have sold poorly so far as consumers have yet to understand the benefits of using a computer on one’s wrist, we strongly believe Apple Watch could ignite wearable tech.

Actually, the end game for wearable tech goes far beyond whether or not the Apple Watch will take off. Forrester predicts wearable will create a whole new level of contextual data, allowing marketers to uncover new markets and revenue opportunities and offer individualized pitches and products.

Enterprise demand for wearable tech is also on the rise. According to a recent Forrester report, 68% of global technology and business decision-makers say that wearables are a priority for their firm, with 51% calling it a moderate, high, or critical priority.

Wearable Tech As A Priority

Put differently, organizations start to see a clear return on investment from wearables, expecting this emerging technology to both increase operational efficiency and reshape customer experiences.

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