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The Thing On The Wrist

As the Apple Watch is already on the wrist of its earliest adopters, we see more and more reviews coming in. The new wearable device is so far appealing and yet controversial. If you only read one “review” of that new wrist thing, just read this short amusing and thoughtful essay by Craig Mod. It’s probably the best review that we’ve ever read so far. Craig knows how to write and tells his truth about this thing on his wrist. Enjoy a sample below but definitely read the whole thing. You won’t regret it.

“And you wish you didn’t have the thing on your wrist. You wish you had just put the thing in your pocket on a mount on the handlebars. Because that would work. And it would show you a map, persistently. And the messages incoming would not take over the screen. And it would reliably tell you many other good things. But the thing on the wrist is new. It is there. Strapped on. You are strapped into this new world. This future of screens in places you may not want them. And so you must embrace it. This thing on the wrist. It will not make you better. It will not change your life. Someday, perhaps. The potential is there. But not now. It is still a baby.” – Craig Mod

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