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Would you shop from your wrist? While I strongly believe contactless payments will become one of the most important drivers in the uptake of wearable tech, I’m not sure yet I would shop on my smartwatch. But I might be wrong…

Amazon is the latest company to announce an Android Wear app for buying things directly from a supported smartwatch. Owners of Android Wear smartwatches such as the Moto 360 or LG G Watch R only need to update the app on their smartphones. All they have to do is start voice commands and say “Start Amazon” for the app to begin working. From there, they can search with their voice for anything on Amazon, add it to their wish list, and order it with one-click and have it immediately shipped their way.

So now that I can shop millions of products from my Moto 360, the real question is…would I?

At first sight, the screen might be too tiny for an optimal shopping experience. Size does matter. Just have a look at Chinese consumers. They are the most avid m-commerce users in the world, and they are all flocking to iPhone 6+ and phablets. On the other hand, searching Amazon seems as easy as speaking the two phrases, “OK, Google” and “Start Amazon.” After all, I love voice-commands thanks to Siri. I might have been skeptic about Siri early on, but I gave it another chance when it got more powers in iOS 8 and I’m now a big fan. I’m using it multiple times a day to check the weather, set up my alarm clock, make calls, and even tweet. If I have a question, Siri became my go-to destination for answers.

Providing that the voice search is dead-on accurate, and images are scaled nicely and loads instantly, I might give smartwatch-commerce (the new s-commerce) a try. What about you?

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