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The Future Of Grocery Shopping

Today, smartwatches already allow you to shop directly on Amazon from your wrist, but what do wearable devices and the Internet of Things mean for real life, bricks-and-mortar stores?

“The Whole Foods of the future” is a store concept proposal from creative and technology firm Rehabstudio for PSKF’s Future of Retail 2015 Report, and manages to tease out a range of ideas, including wearable devices and sensors, to reinvent grocery shopping.

Customer behavior and experience are among the most important factors informing in-store retail management, with proven value in enhancing operations – yet data is traditionally generated by observations and surveys. Rehabstudio believes that the future of retail lies in providing customers with a more seamless, personalized in-store experience powered by technology. Thanks to beacons and augmented reality, the experience will adapt to the consumer to offer more value.

Upon entering the store, the shopper’s mobile or wearable device would recognize they are in a Whole Foods. It would give the wearer contextual suggestions based on availability, location, and history to give users additional information about staying healthy.

“Wearable devices allow for a hands-free, personalized, and private guided experience in a retail environment. It’s like having a personal shopper guide you around the store, it knows what the consumer likes, what they might want to try and buy.” – Tim Rodgers, Creative partner at rehabstudio.

Push notifications would not only help educate users on what to eat and how to eat it, but also encourage discovery of new products and impulse purchase throughout the store. I expect that this timely delivery of information will further enhance engagement with the store and ultimately the grocery shopping experience.

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