Smarter Cooking With MAID Oven

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Smarter Cooking With MAID Oven

Forget about talking fridges or smart chopsticks! Here’s the latest intelligent device for the kitchen: the MAID Oven.

The MAID (Make All Incredible Dishes) Oven is a smart kitchen assistant and a multifunctional oven that knows every recipe and cooks every dish. With its Internet connectivity, MAID has access to an unlimited number of recipes. As the first oven that brings crowd-sourced recipes directly to your kitchen, MAID was created to make cooking simple, social and fun. Using touch, voice or gesture controls, you can search for recipes based on ingredients, type of dish or just ask MAID to recommend a dish.

MAID learns your calorie requirements based on continuous learning of your cooking habits and your daily activities. Thus it plays the role of a personal dietician recommending a healthy balanced diet for you. Its optimization algorithm can also help you improve a recipe over time to better suit your taste.

MAID can stream cookery shows from the Recipe Store so that you can cook watching them on its 6-inch capacitive touchscreen. Also, just like a smartphone, MAID software can be updated over the air. The appliance functions as a microwave, convection oven and top-heater. In sum, it can cook anything from a bag of popcorn to a birthday cake for a family celebration.

MAID already proved popular with Kickstarter backers, meeting its US$50,000 goal in just five days. SectorQube, the company that dreamed up MAID and developed its prototype, doesn’t foresee any big competitor for the device so far, but I’m sure the Samsung, LG and Whirlpool of the world have their own projects in the works…

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