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According my Nike+ app this morning, I’ve run more than 13,000 miles on my current pair of feet. And I’m expecting to run many thousands more. One thing I know about running is shoes really matter. Figuring out which shoes best suit your running style and your foot is tricky. It actually took me few years to find the perfect pair of kicks.

Thankfully, enter runScribe, a new Kickstarter project looking to solve that problem. RunScribe is a tiny sensor that attaches to your shoes and can measure a total of 13 different data points from how you run, including stride length, pronation, contact time, swing excursion and stance excursion. Data-driven runners (a.k.a. running geeks like me) can now nerd out over how, where and when their feet connect with the ground. The device will then use the metrics to create a runScore so the user can easily compare one run with another.

For now, runScribe is still a prototype, but it certainly has potential. So, Nike, Adidas or Under Armour, what are you waiting for? Hurry up to invest in this startup. That data would be priceless.

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