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Robots Vs. Real-Life Fruit Ninja

Robots can be master swordsmen too.

That’s what a Japanese commercial for the robotics company Yaskawa Electric Corporation has recently proved.

Isao Machii is one of the most skilled swordsmen in the world, holding five Guinness World Records for his mastery of the martial art of Iaijutsu. Put simply, Machii is a real-life “fruit ninja”.

After working with sword master Isao Machii, engineers of the company were able to program a robot with the same precision and skill Machii has gained from years of training. His movements were analyzed in 3D, captured, and then given to an industrial robot like the MOTOMAN – MH24.

Watch the full video (above). It’s quite a show as the bot attempts to replicate the swordsman’s 1,000 cut challenge.

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