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Robotic Parking Valet

No time or patience to find a parking spot at the airport? Dusseldorf airport has robots for that.

Nicknamed “Ray”, the robotic valet can be booked using a smartphone app. All you need to do is to leave your car in a designated area, confirm it’s empty and you’re ready to go. A laser scanner will accurately measure the size of your car and will print out a QR code or send it out to your smartphone. Ray will then take your car to one of its 249 parking spaces reserved for robots. The robot does not drive your car though. Instead, it makes uses of a powerful lift that slightly raises your car and moves it to a parking slot.

Once you get back from your trip, Ray will place the car into the exit bay, facing the right direction so it’ll be ready to let you drive away.

Serva Transport GmBH, an innovator in the field, developed this automated parking system.

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