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A More Philosophical Sense Of IoT

Techno-philosopher Jason Silva is the creator of the web series “Shots of Awe”, micro-documentaries exploring the complex systems of society, technology and human existence. In this short but fascinating video, Silva enthusiastically discusses the next tech revolution: the Internet of Things.

Picking up on the more philosophical sense of the IoT, he shows that the future of the Internet is going to be less about dealing with smartphones and laptops, and more about every object we deal with. Those objects will respond to our needs, come to know us, and learn to think on our behalf.

We humans have indeed always been adept at dovetailing our minds and skills to the shape of our current tools and aids. But when those tools and aids start dovetailing back — when our technologies actively, automatically, and continually tailor themselves to us, just as we do to them — then the line between tool and user becomes flimsy indeed.” – Andy Clark

Silva perfectly explains how connected technology will be soon embedded in hundred of everyday objects we already use from our cars to our homes. The Internet of Things will be woven into the background of our environment, not only enhancing human relationships but also channeling desires for omniscience, long life, and creative expression.


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