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Mobile Leverage

As big as you think mobile is, it’s bigger. Actually, mobile makes the Internet 10x bigger. A great reminder on how the world is changing.

“Smartphones don’t just increase the size of the internet by 2x or 3x, but more like 5x or 10x. It’s not just how many devices, but how different those devices are, that has the multiplier effect.
To put this another way, if you were to go from 50m text-based mainframe terminals to 100m PCs, you could say you’ve doubled the market, but that would miss the point – you’ve improved things by 10x, not 2x. The same applies to smartphones.
Finally, this change in scale is multiplied further by the general collapse in the costs of building a product and taking it to market over the past decade or so. Regardless of what you think of Yo as a product, one programmer got to 1m pretty active users in a month with no funding. How much would it have cost to support 1m active users of anything in 2000? That is, mobile will expand the scale of the opportunity by 10x, while the cost to reach that opportunity, at least in theory, has decreased by at least 10x as well.” – Benedict Evans

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