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Mighty Weekly No. 34

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This week the must reads cover the Pokémon Go Mania, of course. The instant popularity of the app may prove that AR will soon more mainstream that VR. Also, read about robot suicide-bombers and discover if your job will soon be automated.

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Pokémon GO Mania

Pokemon GO mania hit the U.S. over the weekend, and it is already bigger than the dating app Tinder, getting installed on 5% of all Android devices in the U.S. in the first two days. Pokemon GO’s huge popularity may prove that AR games will soon be more mainstream than VR technology like Occulus Rift, Gear VR and Playstation VR.  Link

 100K HTC Vive Sold

While between HTC/Valve and Oculus, the companies have been coy on official sales figures, Steam data suggests that the HTC Vive install base is approaching the 100,000 mark. Link

 Still A VR Skeptic?

A former managing director at Sony explains why widespread virtual reality adoption is only a matter of time. Link

 VR For Good

This VR campaign encourages nervous children to swim.  Link

Cyclists’ Hand Signals

Google’s robot cars remember cyclists’ hand signals to better understand their intentions. Do you? Link

Robot Suicide-Bombers

Last week, the Dallas police killed a suspected gunman with a bomb-delivering robot. It was a desperate measure for desperate times: five law enforcement officers were killed and several more wounded before the shooter was finally cornered. But the method, a robot bomb, was so unorthodox that it raises many ethical and policy questions, if not also legal ones.  Link

Automation By Sectors

Could a machine do your job?  Automation technologies such as machine learning and robotics play an increasingly great role on the workplace. Discover which jobs will or won’t be replaced by machines.  Link

Innovation, Cities, & Economic Growth

In the future, autonomous vehicles will help cities remove street parking and rebuild wide sidewalks and pedestrian plazas. Link

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