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Mighty Weekly No. 32

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In this issue we will talk about spider silk, the real cost of VR, robotic pizzeria in Silicon Valley, and much more. Don’t forget to subscribe by joining our publication on Medium (already 12.5K+ subscribers) to make sure it hits your email inbox every week!

The Real Cost of VR

Splurging on a high-priced VR headset is just the beginning. The computer hardware needed to run Oculus Rift and HTC Vive can cost several times as much.  Link

Samsung VR

Samsung now offers a way to shoot and share 360/VR videos and has a new initiative to empower storytellers. The program will include a series of seminars designed to give filmmakers and media influencers the know-how to develop unforgettable and immersive VR stories. Link

Snapchat & AR

Quietly but surely, Snapchat has taken an early lead in the area of augmented reality, grabbing the attention of the millennial generation. Link

Spider Silk

Did you know that spider silk is a super-material, five times stronger than steel and more elastic than rubber bands? And, that’s not all. It’s also environmentally friendly. Link

Stretchable Electronics

Scientists have figured out how to make electronics as pliable as a temporary tattoo — meaning the next big tech platform may be your skin. Link

Robotic Pizzeria

Just imagine Domino’s without the labor. Zume, a new startup in Mountain View, is trying to make a more profitable pizza through robotics. The roving robot pizza trucks can deliver pizza cooked onboard 3.5 minutes before delivery for maximum flavor. But the real question: can a robot perform the perfect pizza toss?  Link

Self-Driving Tractors

As we saw last week, agriculture is already using AI and the Internet of Things to plant crops better. Indeed, self-driving tractors are already here. 200,000 of them can’t be wrong.  Link

Alexa Really Matters

The Amazon Echo is the first smart consumer electronics product since the smartphone that’s poised to become a daily habit for millions. Link

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