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Mighty Weekly No. 24

Ahoy! This is a weekly-ish newsletter of what we’ve seen in mobile, wearable tech and the Internet of Things, and thought was interesting. Here are our picks for the best stories of the week: Don’t forget to subscribe by joining our publication on Medium (already 8.9K subscribers) to make sure it hits your email inbox every week!

Can the Elephant Dance Again?

Twenty years ago, Louis Gerstner transformed IBM by emphasizing consulting and technology services (not just technology) to solve customer problems. Today, IBM has the technology to win at AI. It just needs to adopt a startup mentality.  Link

Managing Heart Conditions

Millions of wearable fitness tracking devices will be incorporated into wellness programs over the next few years. Already 31% of heart patients use mobile health tools to manage their conditions.  Link

A Big Failure? Think Again

Many tech journalists called the Apple Watch a big failure. In reality, Apple Watch took two thirds of the smartwatch market in 2015; with more than 12 million units shipped by it count in total. Not too shabby for a big failure!  Link

Reading the Wearer’s Vein

A newly published Samsung patent describes a wrist-wearable sensor that reads the wearer’s veins to establish their identity. This promising technology may eventually let Samsung smartwatches act as key to things like cars, doors, and subways. Link

Social Thermometer

While there are plenty of options for connected health gadgets, new Kickstarter project Flo may actually be the first you’ll want to use. Aimed at parents, Flo is small Bluetooth enabled contactless thermometer that lets you track and manage health as if it were social media.  Link

The Essential Guide to Electronics

Andrew “Bunnie” Huang is a hacker who can’t get enough of hardware. So he is publishing a book, dubbed The Essential Guide to Electronics, that will help hardware creators and hobbyists, or makers, navigate the massive supply chain in Shenzhen, China. The book even got endorsement from Edward Snowden.  Link

Smart Bathroom Mirror

For some, like Google Engineer Max Braun, innovation is just not happening fast enough though. That’s why Braun decided to build am Android-powered smart mirror. Spoiler alert. It’s Awesome.  Link

Cisco Buys Jasper

This week, Cisco took a big step into becoming a broader IoT provider by announcing its intent to purchase IoT platform vendor Jasper Technologies for $1.4 billion. Jasper’s Control Center platform is a SaaS-based solution, enabling users to analyze data, track performance, gain new insights, and rapidly launch new IoT services. Link

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