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Mighty Weekly No. 21

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David Bowie, a Genius Innovator

“I don’t know where I’m going from here but I promise it won’t be boring.” David Bowie’s death Sunday at the age of 69 from cancer, days after the launch of his final album Black Star, is a reminder that he was one of the most gifted and restless innovator who understood the power of business as much as pop culture.  Link

Defining Innovation

Innovation is hard to define. For most of us, we tend to see innovation as one light-bulb moment. An idea that is so groundbreaking that we can’t imagine life without them. And yet, in a business context, that’s not the best definition for innovation. It’s more complicated than that.  Link

Apple Won Christmas

Every year, Christmas results in the highest number of new device activations and app installs. Just under half of device activations (49.1 percent) were for an Apple device this Christmas, down from 51.3 percent last year. This year, almost one in five were Samsung devices (19.8 percent, up from 17.7 percent). Microsoft’s mobile devices took a big hit, down to 2 percent from last year’s 5.8 percent.  Link

The Teen Mobile Usage

A focus group of teenagers illuminates the habits of a generation that is constantly connected and anxious. For example, teens love Instagram, the photo-sharing app, but are terrified their posts will be ignored or mocked.  Link

Wearable Smart Tattoos

MC10 and L’Oreal introduce wearable smart tattoos. The device is designed to let people know how badly their skin is being damaged by the sun. My UV patch is a stretchable, ultra-thin sticker that’s loaded with a series of dyes that change color depending on how long it’s exposed to light.  Link

Ugly Wearables

Wearables are taking time to gather momentum. Google Glass was disbanded, and Apple hasn’t disclosed how many watches it is selling. To put it bluntly, wearables are still ugly. That’s central to why Google Glass failed to catch on with consumers, despite having some important use cases, from navigation to photography and filming instructional video.  Link

Google 2016

2015 saw Google transform from a single company packed with side projects into a Berkshire Hathaway-style “company full of companies” known as “Alphabet.” So here’s everything Google (well, Alphabet now) is working on for 2016: Android N, a big VR program, Google Glass, and lots more.  Link

IoT & HR

Manufacturers of smart, connected products need to account for three shifts in their strategic approach to IoT. These shifts include new or changing approaches to who and how organizations attract talent (expertise), new norms, values, and unwritten rules for how work gets done (culture), and a need for more flexible approaches to the way in which IoT workers who develop IoT products are compensated. Link

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