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Mighty Weekly 11/23

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Transforming the Military

Department of Defense Head Ashton Carter enlists Silicon Valley to transform the military. Link

Sense of Purpose

Why a strong sense of purpose fuels the innovation process.  Link

English Proficiency

Is there a link between English proficiency and innovation? Apparently, there is.  Link

The Power of WeChat

Imagine selling a $14 million NYC apartment entirely through Twitter or SnapChat. Link

A Responsive Google +

Better late than never, right? Google+ goes completely responsive. Link

Where’s the Business Case

Wearable devices have real business uses — from allowing patients to leave hospital sooner to blurring lines between staff and customers — but not every organization will be taking advantage of them right away. Link

Wearable Internet

Survey: 10% of people will be wearing connected clothing by 2022. Link

A New Generation of Runners

How fitness-tracking apps have made the sport more accessible.  Link

AR in Volvo Showrooms

Microsoft HoloLens will provide Augmented Reality demos in Volvo showrooms. Link

Free Gum for Your Wearable Data

Trident is trading free gum for consumer data as part of wearable tech campaign. Link

Cha Ching For Athos

Athos raises $35 million for its connected workout shirts. Link

The State of Hardware

Over the past year several trends have emerged that will shape the state of hardware for years to come. Link

The Future of Agriculture

With 15 sensors, this device allows for more than 32,000 sensor combinations to create a world of limitless Internet of Things apps. Link

Revolutionizing Transportation

IoT: the engine that will transform transportation. Link

DJI, First Flagship Store

DJI, the world’s largest commercial drone maker, is ready to bank on China’s mainstream consumers.  Link

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