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Mercedes-Benz Future Truck 2025

Mercedes-Benz recently officially unveiled a self-driving truck that provides a glimpse of the future of trucks.

According to the Stuttgart, Germany-based company, trucks could be driving autonomously on motorways in ten years’ time. Transport efficiency will increase, traffic will be safer for all road users, and fuel consumption and CO2 emissions will be further reduced.

Perfectly capable of holding its own on the open road, the self-driving semi-truck could help cut down on highway tragedies that kill thousands of drivers each year. The Future Truck 2025 analyzes the road to get a sense of surrounding traffic and terrain, using a combination of advanced dual cameras, radar sensors, and the latest blind-spot technology.

When the truck is driving itself down highways at 50mph, its striking front LED grid changes from white to a pulsing blue color, a clever visual cue for nearby drivers. The driver still has to drive to and merge on to the highway and reach a set speed in which the highway pilot will take over.

The Future Truck may be over a decade away according to Mercedes, but the company clearly hopes it will lead the race in revolutionizing the future haulage business.

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