How About Facepay?

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How About Facepay?

Forget Apple Pay. Forget wearables. Just pay with your face. Sounds like a great idea? Guess what? It’s now possible.

Shanghai consumers who shop at Australia-based food retailer 100% Genuine Imported Food can now complete a financial transaction just by presenting their faces and hands.

The smart payment system dubbed “Facepay” use capillary network data to allow transactions. The technology measures and records the capillary network data of customer’s faces and hands using the registers. It then binds the data with the customer’s payment account. The complex network of capillaries is unique for each individual, even for identical twins.

This face recognition technology makes the payment safe and convenient, eliminating the need for an additional item to carry around and potentially lose. Even if fingerprints have been hacked in the past, hacking the face seems unlikely.

As people are looking for faster and more convenient payment methods, 100% Genuine Imported Food Chain expects the Facepay technology to attract many customers. Spending via mobile Internet payment transactions already multiplied fourteen times in 2013 from the previous year.

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