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Bespoke Fashion Meets 3D Printing

Mighty Things is happy to announce its first collaboration with Clausette Magazine, starting today with our guest diving into the revolution brought by 3D printing in the fashion industry.

Heard of X​uberance?​ The Chinese 3D printing company recently unveiled one-of-a-kind 3D printed wedding dresses. Rather than the traditional lace and drape, the intricate dresses are made of nylon powder.

The dresses, according to the team, are soft, comfortable and durable. Xuberance used its own 3D printer, called the X​uberance X1 series, ​to create its intricate dresses as well as a range of products priced from $33 for a 3D printed pin to $5,440 for a 3D printed headpiece.​ Following the SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) process, the fabric is constructed by using lasers to fuse together the nylon powder, slowly building up the material in layers.


The dresses are being given all the Haute Couture treatment. While the price of the dresses is on request only, it takes a whole week to get a dress printed out, with an associated production cost of $3,000. In the luxury wedding dress bespoke fashion market, the accuracy and potential of 3D printing are real. Even without the traditional fabrics like chiffon or lace, the tech-savvy dresses are made of intricate details, not only in a futuristic shape but also with a whole new scope for more ambitious patterns. One can only imagine the unlimited creative possibilities brought up by this innovative manufacturing process. We might be at the beginning of a revolution inside the once traditional wedding gowns market, and that’s exciting!

Guest Post By Clausette

Clausette is the first French weekly-updated online magazine focusing on the F​uture of Fashion and more specifically on the mergence of fashion & tech. From wearable tech expansion, smart fabrics and e-textiles emergence, manufacturing innovations to smaller experimental projects, Clausette is set to be the place where cool projects linking a futuristic vision of technology and aesthetics meet.


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