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Gesture-Based Controller For Smartwatch

Aria Wearable’s technology caught our attention yesterday. Aria is a gesture-based controller embedded into the strap of your smartwatch. Imagine a hands-free remote that recognizes your finger movements from your wrist. This is Aria. Taking advantage of a brand new set of sensors, Aria is capable of detecting different finger tapping, flicking and other movements. You first need to configure the gestures via a companion app.

It seems that Aria is partnering with Pebble to make the first smartwatch controlled with finger gestures. Aria will also unveil an SDK on all recent Android and iOS versions on May 19th. The modules will connect to your smartphone via BLE. Aria also comes with an HID profile, meaning that it can be interfaced as a BLE keyboard with any BLE-compatible device.

Watch the video above. It’s definitely a differentiated product in the wearable tech space.

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