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Wearable Tech

We uncover trends and behavioral shifts to identify the right use case and create products of utility. 

Enterprise demand for wearable tech is already on the rise. Organizations start to see a clear return on investment from wearables, expecting this emerging technology to both increase operational efficiency and reshape customer experiences.


Do you have a Watch strategy?

The wrist is a handy place to contain a glanceable piece of information. Designing for a world where digital is ubiquitous poses a number of imperatives. The organizations that will thrive in the connected world will be obsessive about creating frictionless user experiences.


Wrapping your mobile strategy into a little screen on someone’s wrist is tempting but fraught with risks and new challenges ranging from screen-size scarcity, glimpse-based attention span to a whole new level of contextual information. Wearable devices create a landscape where only the organizations with a genuine user value to offer create a new form of long run value.

From primary research, experience planning, conceptualization to quick prototyping, we can help you identify the right use case and user segment and learn from the real world to develop products of utility.

Beyond fitness bands and smart watches

Wearable technology is just at its infancy. Watches and fitness bands aren’t where wearables end. Smart garment, for example, might outstrip all other types of wearable tech in the future. Ultimately, we expect wearable tech to become invisible.

We love to keep our finger on the pulse of the IoT and wearable tech startups ecosystem. From mHealth to Fashion Tech, we can help you identify exciting new technologies, business applications and the right partners.

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