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Apple’s newly released ad titled “Dreams,” promotes how iApps are helping firefighters, healthcare workers, pilots and environmental activists. “Dreams” is actually the fourth spot in the app-focused campaign that began in April, following “Powerful”, “Strength”, and “Parenthood”. “Dreams” uses a series of short vignettes to focus viewers’ attention on the broad array of ways in which people use the iPhone, rather than the device itself.

Apps and accessories featured in the spot include:

    • Vaavud Wind Meter, an anemometer that plugs into the iPhone’s headphone jack
    • Olloclip’s 4-in-1 Lens System and the built-in Camera app as a magnifying glass
    • Response Deck, an app for fire and EMS first responders
    • Veterinary AliveECG, a portable heart monitor for pets
    • iTranslate Voice, a near-real time language translation app
    • SAM-1, an appcessory for measuring water pH and other data
    • ForeFlight Mobile, a civil aviation mapping and weather app for pilots

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