Digging The Next Big Thing In China

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Digging The Next Big Thing In China

Here’s a nice video showing the great time Chinese startups are having now innovating for the future.

Liu Chengcheng, 26-year-old, has definitely its finger on the pulse when it comes to technology. His online media company founded in 2010 first took form as an online destination for latest tech news in China. Now it also connects investors with promising startups looking to expand and grow.

We noticed that many investors would come to our platform and look for founders of start-up projects, and vice versa, when start-ups approached us for media exposure. So we wanted to develop a highly efficient platform for investors and projects to connect and collaborate.” – Liu Chengcheng

So far in 2014, the site has paired over a hundred start-ups with investors and stands as China’s largest database covering the tech scene.

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