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Cyberservants For All?

“We will eventually be able to interact via thoughts, but it won’t be common by 2025. However, verbal interaction will be commonplace. We will talk to devices in essentially the same way we talk to other people. Yes, you will be permanently connected to the network via wearable devices. You will interact with these devices mostly by voice, as you would interact with another person. Centuries ago, rich people had servants, and in the future, we will all have cyberservants”

Back in May 2014, Google’s chief economist, Hal Varian, left his mark on a Pew Research Center report by declaring that in the future, we will all have cyberservants. Everywhere we go technological valets will track and assess our behavior, and even anticipate our needs.

It looks like the future is well under way already now. The Paris-based Keecker’s new mini-robot is coming soon to Kickstarter. Are cyberservants soon invading our homes?


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