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Connecting: Makers

Why do we make? Connecting: Makers examines how the connected world is changing the nature of creativity. When everyone is a maker, new possibilities emerge, but with them come new responsibilities about digital transparency, cultural awareness, and the role of the designer.

The film explores the challenges and opportunities facing anyone bringing connected products and services to life and how the Maker movement impacts how we create and innovate. Today, it’s about finding the right balance between thinking, making, and learning in order to uncover and develop truly innovative products and experiences. While not a rigid framework, this “Rule of Thirds” is meant to remind us that integrating these three elements is critical in practicing successful design and innovation:

  • If we spend all our time just thinking, we are not doing (or designing)
  • If we just start making without thinking, we can make the wrong thing, or miss potential
  • If we don’t learn from what we have done, we cannot iterate, optimize, and build confidence in the path forward

The very idea of making implies learning and doing and a journey of discovery without adherence to a specific set of rules.

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