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Catching Bebop Drone

Did you get a drone for Christmas? Drones were one of this year’s must-have gifts under the tree. I got one, just a tiny one (a Parrot Rolling Spider) to play at home and get the hang of piloting a drone. So far, it’s very fun. This mini-drone keeps a novice like me entertained. I didn’t break anything yet. My two cats are on high alerts though, every time my flying toy is taking off!

Consumer drones are still relatively new gadgets, but professionals have been using them for years to produce stunning and creative videos. Take the latest stunt by the Flying Frenchies, a group globally known for their famous base jump with a human catapult from the highest cliff in the world and for having walked on a rope between two hot-air balloons.

Partnering with Paris-based Parrot, maker of drones and headphones, the Flying Frenchies now provide a new point of view of their exploits thanks to their drone. Controlled by its Skycontroller, the Parrot Bebop Drone shot a world premiere: the first base jump from a trapeze.

Take a look and enjoy!

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