• Apple Watch. Tesla Car. Experiment.
  • Apple Watch. Tesla Car. Experiment.
  • Apple Watch. Tesla Car. Experiment.

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Apple Watch. Tesla Car. Experiment.

Current and future Tesla owners, rejoice! You’ll soon be able to honk the horn of your Tesla via your Apple Watch.

Sarcasm aside, you might be able to control many of your car’s functions directly from a smart wearable device in a near future. While the release date of the Apple Watch is set for April, Ukraine-based software developers at Eleks Labs have built an app that will let you control your Tesla directly from your wrist. Initially intented as a demo, the app might actually be published following the enthusiasm of both Apple Watch and Tesla fans. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. After all, the BMW I Remote App for the Samsung Gear S smartwatch already seamlessly connects BMW I drivers to their vehicle via their watch.

So, is this a good thing? I say “why not?”. I could definitely see myself checking the battery level, range, temperature of my car on the main screen, locking or unlocking the car, turning on my headlights or controlling the air condition directly from my wristwatch.

As show on the video below, the Eleks’ Apple Watch app is gorgeous and displays all the functions I just mentioned.

The Eleks experiment also provides novel insight into the limitations of the Apple Watch and WatchKit. For example, Apple Watch without an iPhone is actually nothing more than a useless toy. Then, developers have no access to the gyroscope, accelerometer, microphone, bluetooth, and Apple’s haptic notification system in the emulator used to build the apps. Finally, some of the gadget’s controls are still being limited, like the Digital Crown scroll wheel.

“We can now confidently say that creating anything really necessary and fully functional for Apple Watch with the current SDK version is very, very difficult, and many of the things promised at launch that were perfect for some business ideas are not at all available yet.”

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