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Xiaomi Mi Band For $13

Popular Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi revealed the Mi Band, an incredibly cheap $13 (or CNY79) Fitbit that promises the full range of things that most fitness trackers do. That includes counting your steps and tracking your sleep patterns, functioning as an alarm clock, and lasting 30 days on a full charge.

The Mi Band also comes with a killer feature: it’s an identification band for smart devices. Just wearing your Mi Band is enough to unlock your Xiaomi smartphone without keying in a code, eliminating the inconvenience of having to key in your password multiple times a day.

Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun revealed future plans for the Mi Band include making it into a personal ID – so it can unlock your door when you come home, or switch on smart appliances and gadgets, for example. Lei also has bold ambitions for the gadget to be the “world’s most popular fitness band”.

As wearables start taking off, the Mi Band with its long battery life, several designs and attractive price, looks set to be popular even beyond Mi fans. We want one already!

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