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Week In Review 08/24

Our summer break is over and we’re excited to be back in your mailbox and see you back online. In case you were too busy last week and didn’t get a chance to catch all the mighty things happening in the connected world, we have curated and compiled a list of the best stories / news of the week:

  • Strategy, not technology, drives digital transformation.  Link
  • When top executives are scared of innovation… Link

  • The rise of WeChat: what we’re seeing today is a race toward an ecosystem, which is more powerful than a single-function app.  Link
  • More than half of physicians use mobile to access patient data.  Link
  • 40% of people who bank by phone globally are in China. Link
  • The ‘M’ in Android M stands for Marshmallow.  Link

 Wearable Tech
  • Smart phone, smart watch, and now smart…shirt. Ralph Lauren’s new smart Polo shirts combine fashion and technology. Link
  • Don’t blush: meet the first Apple Watch sex toy. Link
  • How wearable devices track vital signs in military pilots. Link
  • A new trend for extreme health tracking is emerging. Link
  • Misfit and Speedo team up on a new swimming wearable.  Link
  • 80% of Apple Watch users are already using Apple Pay.  Link
  • Google Glass will replace handheld scanners at warehouses.  Link

 Internet of Things
  • How the Internet of Things is shaping the sensor market. Link
  • Documents confirm Apple is building self-driving car.  Link
  • Self-driving cars could save consumers $1,000 in car insurance every year. Link
  • Los Angeles x drones. Shot over several months, this beautiful video by filmmaker/drone-flyer Ian Wood reveals Downtown LA views that you can’t usually see. Enjoy!  Link
  • Auro robotics is testing a driverless shuttle system on college campus.  Link

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