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WeChat Impact Report

Four years after its launch, China-based instant messaging app WeChat has around half billion active users. To celebrate the fourth anniversary of WeChat’s launch, Tencent Tech shared for the first time some fascinating data from the app and its home market.

The report titled “WeChat’s Impact: Inaugural Report on WeChat Platform Data” offers lots of good data on Chinese user demographics, app usage, spend impact, and the success of the Official Accounts platform.

Here are some highlights:

An Addictive App

Over 60% of WeChat users report opening the app more than 10 times daily. 25% of users check WeChat more than 30 times per day.

Male & Young Fans

The majority of WeChat users are male (64.3%). WeChat fans are quite young, with a median age of 26. 86.2% of WeChat users are between the age of 18 and 36.

A Platform For Entrepreneurs

Tencent estimates WeChat is responsible for 10,070,000 jobs.

Default Social Networking Tool (For Chinese Users)

62.7% of WeChat users have more than 50 contacts. 57.3% of WeChat users report meeting new friends through WeChat or re-establishing contact with old friends.

Rich In Content & Services

Last year, WeChat users consumed US$15.3B worth of mobile data. In terms of content consumption, WeChat is bigger than Weibo, shopping, video, music, map, and email services combined. 49.9% of WeChat users who use the taxi booking feature spend on average US$16 or more per month.

A Place For Brands

Almost 80% of WeChat users follow Official Accounts. 73.4% of Official Accounts on WeChat are brands and media accounts. Several Official Accounts are making + US$1M.

Here’s the full version of the slide deck.


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