The Oatmeal Vs. Apple Watch

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The Oatmeal Vs. Apple Watch

In honor of WWC2015, here’s a brilliantly hilarious review of the Apple Watch from the Oatmeal. No doubt you’ve seen it. No? Get to it immediately. As always, The Oatmeal nails it. All joking aside, this super honest review nails the Apple Watch on the head with 8 magnificent conclusions.

Thing #1: The Apple Watch will never replace your iPhone.

Thing #2: Battery life isn’t a problem.

Thing #3: The Taptic Engine could mean the death of the ring tone.

Thing #4: The Crown is useless.

Thing #5: I am amazing for not lying in bed all day.

Thing #6: Phone calls suck. Texting does not.

Thing #7: It’s great for normal runners.

Thing #8: This is the future.

Now, read the entire piece here. It’s worth your time, if only for the illustration at the very end.

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