• Smart Home Adoption Rate
  • Smart Home Adoption Rate

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Smart Home Adoption Rate

When will the mainstream smart home catch on?

The technology company Honeywell estimates that the number of connected devices across the planet will swell to 26 billion by 2020. Another report from Gartner indicates that we are just seven years away from a mature smart home market, with the average affluent family having more than 500 connected devices.

In the US, companies such as Google have certainly paved the way with the acquisition of Nest last year, and with music systems like Sonos being advertised during the Superbowl, it suggests more mainstream properties will be adopting smart solutions.

Another research by GSMA involving 2,000 tech enthusiasts suggests smart home adoption rate will diverge across the planet, despite the effect of globalization. The research clearly shows that adoption rate of smart homes will depend both on cultural differences, demographics and social trends such as attitudes towards health and the environment. For example, UK households are proportionally more likely to have installed a smart energy meter than those in the United States. Similarly, Chinese households will probably purchase a smart air purifier before thinking getting a smart smoke detector.

Put differently, expect considerably different concept of smart homes across the world in the next ten years.

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