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Baidu Develops A “Smart Bike”

Technology will continue to impact our lives in countless ways. Engineered for safety and efficiency, connected cars will soon entirely redefine our driving experience. We’re seeing more and more smart objects in our lives these days: smart lock, smart oven, or smart helmet…so, what about smart bikes? Would it be time to rethink the commute and integrate the latest technology into the old good bicycle?

Well, it seems Chinese search giant Baidu is getting on the smart bike bandwagon and is looking to make city biking safer and even more fun. Its DuBike smart bike is now up for everyone to see. The prototype has started road test and the company revealed few days ago a video that shows the bike in action.

The DuBike features an app that integrates with sensors on the bike to monitor your activity and biometrics (calories burnt and heart rate). Think of it as a smartwatch, but you ride on it instead of wearing it. It will also offer traffic and mapping data to find the best routes by using sensors, artificial intelligence software, and Internet data from Baidu.

Above all else, it’s designed to make bicycle commuting safer, especially in Chinese cities where traffic congestion is common. For example, the bike has brake lights and it will feature route guidance with a very cool system on the handlebars that will give you an indicator of which way you need to turn instead of forcing you to focus on the tiny screen of your phone. Finally, the DuBike system will come with social networking functions, safeguards to protect the bike from being stolen, and a battery pack that can be used to recharge smartphones or other devices.

Baidu is best known as China’s largest search engine, but lately it has been increasingly diversifying into smart tech and other household articles. Recently it unveiled a smart blood pressure device, a pair of smart chopsticks that can be used to scan food quality, and an augmented camera called Baidu Eye.

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