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How do you make biometric information meaningful? This is the goal of the Center for Medical Mobile Technology launched by Stanford University. The new lab is poised to tap into one of the fastest-growing segments in mHealth and is seen as an opportunity to tie consumer devices to the provider community.

The Center for Medical Mobile Technology was established to facilitate and promote the scientific integration of mobile technology and healthcare. Advances in mobile computing alongside the explosion of sophisticated wearable biosensors are combining to create new opportunities in medical research. (…) By applying rigorous medical research methodology and advanced statistics to the analysis of mobile technology data, we aim to create new insights into human diseases and develop novel tools for disease detection and prevention.

The new Stanford center has a staff of five and is overseen by Matthew Smuck and Christy Lane, co-founders of Vivametrica, a Canadian company working on an analytics platform for wearables. The center is currently engaged in five studies with an initial focus on accelerometers and related devices. The research teams sees an untapped potential in how wearable devices equipped with accelerometers can measure exercise, and how that data can be used by clinicians to “identify optimal timing for treatment” of chronic conditions, obesity-related issues and rehabilitation, among others.

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