Philips Partners With Xiaomi On Smart Lighting

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Philips + Xiaomi For Smart Lighting

According Shanghai’s National Business Daily, European lighting manufacturer Philips will soon integrate Xiaomi’s smart home modules into its products.

This doesn’t come as a surprise as Philips has worked with a broad range of partners around the world to build smart home systems. Since the API has been available to the public, more than 200 apps have been created for Philips’ personal wireless lighting series Hue.

Twelve Chinese companies in the lighting industry will also partner with Xiaomi to spur the growth of smart home products in China. So far, smart lighting has not been as popular as other smart home products. Clearly, this is a trend that both Philips and Xiaomi hope to reverse. According CMSChina, the smart lighting industry has created an estimated 60 billion Yuan (US$9.6 billion) market since last year, and that figure could reach 80 billion Yuan (US$12.8 billion) by 2018.

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