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OneCard, China’s Answer To Coin

While the connected credit card startup Coin apologizes to customers in the US last week for fumbling the announcement of a delay, a competitor in China is ramping up a crowdfunding effort of their own. With a look more akin to a standard credit card, OneCard is China’s version of Coin.

The device wants to replace all your plastic credit cards by letting you input all the information from various magnetic swipe and NFC cards into a single smart card, clearing up space in your wallet. OneCard will come with a card reader to load all your existing cards into a smartphone app where you can keep track of spending. The simplest version of OneCard will cost only RMB 199 (US$32) for its earliest crowdfunders. A “luxury” version with NFC costs RMB 239 ($39).

The Beijing-based OneCard team has put its project onto a local crowdfunding site, Demohour and has raised RMB 483,000 (US$78,000) so far with over one month of fundraising left to go.


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