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Mighty Weekly No. 40

Hey folks,

In this week issue, discover how mixed reality is changing the way farmers grow crops, how self-flying choppers fight wildfires so humans don’t have to, and why the time has come for devices to learn to live with us instead of us learning to live with them.

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VR Taking Over Luxury

VR proves to be a new kind of marketing tool for luxury brands.  Link

More HTC Moves

HTC is making more moves in China, announcing a partnership with the Shenzhen Municipal Government to kick off two new initiatives: a new China VR Research Institute, and a $1.5 Billion VR Investment Fund.  Link

Apple Digital Glasses

Google Glass failed. Snap is only gingerly rolling out it Spectacles, but rumor has it that Apple is also experimenting with the concept of a pair of smart glasses.  Link

Mixed Reality in Farming

With the right formula of AR and AI, farmers can now monitor and nurture plants from virtually anywhere in the world.  Link

Symbiotic Autonomy

“Humanity and AI will be inseparable”, says the head of machine learning at Carnegie Mellon University. Fascinating read. Link

Natural Language Generation

How Alexa and the rise of conversational interfaces will change analytics.  Link

Firefighting Drones

Where there’s smoke, there’s now a drone. Link

Intelligent “Smart Home”

Smart homes aren’t always too intelligent. How about we get them to learn about us first?  Link

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