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Mighty Weekly No. 31

Hi there! Welcome to the 31th issue of “Mighty Weekly”. Don’t forget to subscribe by joining our publication on Medium (already 12K+ subscribers) to make sure it hits your email inbox every week! Let’s start right off with this week’s round up of stories.

The Most Social Computing Platform Yet

The key to understanding why “social VR” will be important is to think about virtual (and augmented) reality as a computing platform, rather than as a PC peripheral for gaming. In fact, a glimpse at the future of VR shows a platform more social than ever.  Link


Virtual reality startup Vrse raises $12.65 Million and changes name to Within. Link

Generating Power By 2040

The cost of generating electricity “for onshore wind will fall 41 percent by 2040, and solar photovoltaics by 60 percent, making these two technologies the cheapest ways of producing electricity in many countries during the 2020s and in most of the world in the 2030s.  Link

Tesla To Buy SolarCity

Elon Musk is consolidating his tech empire: Tesla is buying SolarCity for about $2.8 billion.  Link

What’s Next For AI

Discover what’s next for Artificial Intelligence, according to the best minds in the business. Apparently, so far, we’ve seen only 5% of what artificial intelligence can do.  Link

Apple & The AI Revolution

Apple is focusing a lot more on A.I., just like other big tech companies such as Google and Facebook (and don’t forget Amazon too!). Only Apple is bringing artificial intelligence to the phone — it now also has a neural network API for instance — only interestingly, it’s focusing on doing so at the device, not cloud level. So what does it all mean?  Link

The Future Of Agriculture

If agriculture is to continue to feed the world, it needs to become more like manufacturing. Fortunately, information technology is already taking over agriculture in various guises.  Link

The Smart City Delusion

For developing countries, fixing the basics is crucial before talking about smart cities innovation.  Link

Have a great week and be mighty!

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