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Ahoy! This is a weekly-ish newsletter of what we’ve seen in mobile, wearable tech and the Internet of Things, and thought was interesting. Here are our picks for the best stories of the week: Don’t forget to subscribe by joining our publication on Medium (already 9.3K subscribers) to make sure it hits your email inbox every week!

Most Innovative Companies 2016

Fast Company has released their 2016 list of the world’s most forward-thinking companies across 40 sectors, including artificial intelligence, drones, and design. The leading companies include Buzzfeed, Facebook, and CVS Health, followed by Uber and Netflix.  Link

Thinking About Innovation in China

Whatever else one thinks of China, we need to accept that Chinese companies are truly innovating, not just copying. What does tech innovation in China mean for the world? Link

Chinese Mobile UI Trends

Talking about China and innovation, there is no doubt that Western apps will follow development in Chinese mobile as with messaging. Mobile UI design in China is already some ways quite different from ours. A truly fascinating read! Link

WeChat & Chinese New Year

WeChat had more mobile transactions over just Chinese New Year than PayPal had during 2015. According to WeChat, 420 million people sent each other lucky money via the app’s payment service on the eve of Chinese New Year. According to WeChat, it has seen a total of 8.08 billion red envelopes sent so far for Chinese New Year, eight times more than last year. Link

Apple Eats the Swiss Lunch

According to a new report from Strategy Analytics, the sales of smartwatches in the fourth quarter of 2015 outpaced sales of Swiss watches for the first time. The company claims that during the holiday quarter, a total of 8.1 million smartwatches were shipped, while 7.9 million Swiss watches were shipped. Link

$34 Billion for Wearables By 2020

CCS Insight has updated its outlook on the future of wearable tech, indicating that 411 million smart wearable devices, worth a staggering $34 billion, will be sold in 2020. Link

Self-Driving Robots

The future of delivery might involve small drones zooming above pedestrians, cyclists and motorists at high speeds. Amazon and now Wal-Mart are moving down this path. Self-driving robots may someday make local deliveries in 30 minutes or less. Link

VR & Depression

Virtual reality is making huge waves in the worlds of gaming and film, but we’ve really only just scratched the surface of what’s possible with the technology. Case in point? A new study suggests that VR could help patients with depression to be more loving towards themselves, thereby fostering a positive self image and reducing depressive symptoms.  Link

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