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Mighty Weekly No. 25

Ahoy! This is a weekly-ish newsletter of what we’ve seen in mobile, wearable tech and the Internet of Things, and thought was interesting. Here are our picks for the best stories of the week: Don’t forget to subscribe by joining our publication on Medium (already 9K subscribers) to make sure it hits your email inbox every week!

A New Culture of Innovation at Adidas

Mark King left Taylor Made Adidas Golf to take over as CEO of Adidas America in April 2014. King inherited a brand that was fighting to be relevant in the U.S. He was challenged to elevate the business and spark a culture of innovation. The brand needed to find new ways to touch the customer and enhance the overall customer experience. His goal was to build a team that could create something extraordinary.  Link

Teens & Snapchat

Know Snapchat? Think you know Snapchat? Well, read this article, and tell us how well you think you understand the minds of the next generation. This fascinating piece on how to use Snapchat like a teen made us grateful that we’re teens. Link

Wearable With A Social Conscience

Designer and software engineer Melissa Coleman draws attention to the frequency at which young women die unnecessarily in childbirth. Called Political Lace, the accessory is fitted with an LED light that blinks every seven and half minutes – the frequency at which young women die unnecessarily during childbirth.  Link

Andy Rubin’s AI Venture

Andy Rubin unleashed Android on the World. Now he’s working to bring artificial intelligence (AI) to the masses. Think AI as a cloud service, powering thousands of gadgets and machines. Link

IBM Hacked a Smart Building

According to a new IBM X-Force report, all the appliances in an office that is controlled by smart devices is being countered by the inherent threat these devices can pose to the network to which they are attached. The ones that control your building’s heating, lighting and air conditioning are also no exception.  Link

Barbie Gets a Smart Home Makeover

We might be still a few years away from the average person embracing a fully connected smart home, but Barbie is an early adopter. Mattel’s push into the Internet of things is building with the reveal of hi-tech version of Barbie’s signature ‘Dreamhouse’ and a drone.  Link

The Internet of Military Things

IoT is a natural for the military, not just only on equipment but also for health monitoring on soldiers. It could be beneficial to battlefield triage. Link

Augmented Reality for Construction

Virtual reality (VR) has been all the buzz lately, but today’s architects and designers shouldn’t underestimate the power of augmented reality (AR) in construction. Augmented reality (AR) plays a role in helping construction teams in the field understand how various systems and components fit together during production. Link

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