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Mighty Weekly No. 23

Ahoy! Did you miss us last week? We hope you did! You may have noticed that Mighty Weekly took a little vacation last week while all our team was furiously busy wrapping up some exciting IoT projects. So, here we go folks. Enjoy the best stories of what we’ve seen in the last two weeks in mobile, wearable tech, and the Internet of Things! Don’t forget to subscribe by joining our publication on Medium (already 8.7K subscribers) to make sure it hits your email inbox every week!

Haves Vs. Have-Mores

The US takes pride in being on the cutting edge of all things digital, and rightly so: American innovations have led the way. Yet, a new digital divide has opened up in America between the “haves” and a new group called the “have-mores”: companies and sectors that are using their digital capabilities far more than the rest to innovate and transform how they operate.  Link

Where Wearable Tech Ends Up

Smartwatches, fitness trackers and other devices are supposed to better our lives, but the gadgets often sit idle and collect dust. Link

Wearable Chair

The wearable chair is now a thing. This wearable chair from Japan helps surgeons through long hours of surgery. Link

Apple Watch’s Killer App

Apple Watch’s killer app is already here: notifications. Link

Top 50 IoT Events of 2016

Some would say there are more IoT events in the world than connected devices. Here’s an amazing list of the most important Internet of Things events in 2016. Courtesy of Jeremy Geelan!  Link

IoT During Antartic Expedition

Can the Internet of Things do more than just let your phone control your home’s lighting and temperature? It’s an idea that Sigfox is putting to the test after revealing that it’s equipping an Antarctic research base with its low-power wireless network.  Link

Virtual Reality as a Medium

Virtual Reality used to be all about tech. But recently, that conversation has started to shift from the tech to the story. The latest evidence for this trend was this week’s Sundance Film Festival, where VR was once again the talk of the town.  Link

GM + Cloud + Factory Robots

Working with Japanese robotics manufacturer Fanuc, networking giant Cisco, and hardware maker Rockwell Automation, GM has installed in its Lake Orion plant a sort of “mother brain” to which all its robots can connect—and it’s all built on cloud computing. Link

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