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Mighty Weekly No. 22

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How Netflix Reverse Engineered Hollywood

You don’t know what you’re going to watch on TV this evening? Netflix probably does. The video service possesses a stockpile of data about Hollywood entertainment that is absolutely unprecedented. To understand how people look for movies, Netflix created 76,897 micro-genres. This article explores how Netflix did their artificial intelligence homework. Fascinating!  Link

News Based on your DNA

Do you want a happier, healthy life? Get your DNA information through 23andMe and upload it to the Genome Compass App. The app will then search for news that will best relate to your genome profile.  Link

Smart Fabrics

According to Gartner, whereas smartbands and watches represent a significant portion of the market for wearable technology, the largest and fastest growing category is expected to be smart garments, which are predicted to grow from 100,000 units shipped in 2014 to 26 million units shipped in 2016.   Link

Ford Wearables Lab

One of the major automotive players, Ford, has announced a new initiative designed to explore how wearables can be better used in concert with your cart.  Link

VR Bigger Than TV

In an analyst note published this week, Goldman Sachs predicts the virtual reality market will generate $110 billion dollars compared to TVs $99 billion in 10 years. That’s in-line with Facebook’s Oculus predictions in the past.  Link

The Beauty of GE’s IoT Strategy

Beyond the potential benefits the Internet of Things offers to the consumer segment, industrial uses like manufacturing, power generation, and aviation can also benefit from the Internet of Things. The industrial Internet spell massive opportunity for GE who is attacking the Internet of Things from two main angles: from within its own factories, and by providing a solution to the industrial marketplace. It’s a thing of beauty, really.  Link


What will the city of the future look like? BMW MINI is teaming up with HAX to build a new accelerator dedicated to startups working on the city of the future called Urban-X.  Link

Audi’s New Moon Robot

German automaker Audi debuted a brand new lunar rover that makes use of its famous Quattro all-wheel-drive system, appropriately named the Audi Lunar Quattro. Link

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