Mighty Weekly 10/11

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Mighty Weekly 10/11

In case you didn’t get a chance to catch all the mighty things happening in the connected world, we have curated and compiled a list of the best stories / news of the week. Don’t forget to subscribe by joining our publication on Medium to make sure it hits your email inbox every week!

  • Y Combinator is launching its own in-house moonshot group, giving away the intellectual property for free.  Link
  • Gartner highlighted this week the top 10 technology trends that will shape digital business opportunities through 2020. The first three trends address merging the physical and virtual worlds and the emergence of the digital mesh. The next three address algorithmic business enabled by smart machines. The final four trends address the new IT reality, the new architecture and platform trends needed to support digital and algorithmic business.  Link

  • Facebook launches app design resource portal for developers.  Link
  • Real estate brokers in New York say that wireless coverage is becoming a pre-requisite. For apartment-hunters, lack of strong cell reception could kill a deal. Link
  • Yale School of Medicine uses ResearchKit App to assess heart conditions. Link
  • Mobile shoppers do it in bed.  Link

 Wearable Tech
  • ‪Period trackers that text you updates. Kegal monitors that measure your ‘flex.’ Apps that test for STIs. Lady bits have gone digital. Link
  • Adidas announced a unique 3D printed running shoe midsole, tailorable at will to fit anybody’s individual needs. Link
  • Jawbone wants to sell in-body sensors that can change the temperature in your home and switch off your electric car if you’re too drunk to drive.  Link
  • Runners can now run with “smart” pants.  Link
  • Virtual Reality comes to Hulu next month.  Link
  • Are emoticons the future of wearable communication? Link
  • 14 ways to improve corporate wellness programs with wearables.  Link

 Internet of Things
  • Mitsubishi’s eX Concept has an augmented reality windshield. Link
  • Smart cities Internet of Things development isn’t just better. It’s essential.  Link
  • Internet of Things will be used in 1.9B devices by 2020. Link
  • How Amazon Web Services (AWS) IoT works.  Link
  • Full-service laundry robot can reportedly wash, dry, sort and then fold your clothes perfectly.  Link

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