iPhone Users Keen On AppleWatch

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iPhone Users Keen On AppleWatch

While the launch of Apple Watch might jumpstart the entire wearable tech category, current iPhone users might lead the way for the Apple smart watch success.

iPhone Users Keen On AppleWatch

Because the Apple Watch will require an iPhone to work, looking at current iPhone customers makes more sense at this point. According to a new Reuters/Ipsos poll, nearly 40 percent of iPhone owners in the United States are interested in buying an Apple Watch.

Ipsos surveyed 2,469 Americans aged 18 and older online between March 9 and March 17 and found that 24 percent expressed an interest in purchasing the Apple Watch, including 10 percent of those describing themselves as “very interested.” Among the iPhone owners, 39 percent were interested in purchasing the Apple watch, including 17 percent describing themselves as very interested.

With more than 100 million active iPhone users in the US and closer to half a billion globally, the Apple Watch might get a strong start.

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