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IoT Against Cancer

“Our objective, by working together, we will sequence a whole genome, and identify the fundamental genes that cause cancer and the means to block them through personalized precision treatment, all in one day, by 2020.”

At the Intel Developer Forum (IDF), Intel execs discuss how an Intel-powered Internet of Things could lead to personalized cancer treatments.

As part of a variety of efforts to convince partners and the public of IoT’s disruptive potential, Intel VP and Data Center Group GM Diane Bryant argued that IoT and big data are collective opportunities. Highlighting healthcare as the “biggest big data opportunity”, Bryant mentioned that Intel plans to use IoT and big data (including more data coming from wearable devices) to cure diseases, including cancer.

Currently, Intel is working with the Knight Cancer Institute to build a cloud that will integrate genomic data, clinical data, and other information into a 1.25-PB system. Intel hopes that processing all of this data will help enable individualized cancer treatments.

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