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We help industry leaders adapt to the Internet of Things (IoT).

We craft IoT market research and thought leadership. We design IoT strategies that secure competitive advantage and reshape industry boundaries.

The IoT is a new business paradigm

The IoT is already here. It will soon be bigger than the smartphones, tablet, and PC markets combined. The IoT is poised to transform virtually every major market sector. The rise of connected devices is disrupting value chains and forcing organizations to rethink everything they do, from product design/sourcing to manufacturing, operations and customer services.

The Internet of Things is both a driver of new products, and another leg of cost efficiencies.

The IoT demands a change of strategy 

The Internet of Things raises a new set of strategic choices about how value is created and captured, and how organizations secure competitive advantage as the new capabilities reshape industry boundaries.

We can help you develop transformative IoT strategies that go beyond prototyping a shiny product. Ultimately, we approach each opportunity with a full understanding of the components of the IoT ecosphere.

IoT Strategies | Mighty Things Approach

You need a strategic positioning for the connected world

Our team of strategists will also help you answer the 10 key strategic choices to define a distinctive positioning in the connected world.

IoT Strategies | Mighty Things Approach