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Yesterday was a big day for the iPad.

I admit I was skeptical about a larger iPad. As an original iPad user, I immediately switched to the iPad mini when it was released. The device is light, versatile and convenient for browsing social media or watching movies. I use it on a daily basis and simply love it. Still, I never seriously considered it to do actual work. Why? It simply didn’t have enough computing power. One of the greatest barriers to productivity on a tablet is actually performance.

The new iPad Pro seems to put that concern to rest. With its new A9X processor, this tablet is, in fact, a full-blown PC. Add a keyboard, and you’re three quarters of the way to a laptop. With the Smart Keyboard cover, the iPad Pro actually looks like a giant Microsoft Surface tablet. Yes, that same tablet that Microsoft launched three years ago! Ironically, Joel Watson, a cartoonist, predicted that the crowd at Apple ‘s event in 2015 will love the tablet and claim Apple invented such a device.

iPad Pro

So, is the iPad Pro just a larger “déjà vu” tablet or is it disrupting? Obviously, a larger screen means you can do more with it. I find the Smart Keyboard and new Pencil interesting. After all, I’ve been already using my FiftyThree pencil on the iPad for a while now. I’m sure the new Pencil will quickly become a natural accessory. I just regret that Apple didn’t include its new amazing 3D Touch technology to the iPad Pro. Finally, the new A9X processor makes the tablet more powerful than most PCs, yet as easy to use as an iPad. And that’s the point that those who only see a “déjà vu” product are missing.

“The iPad is more intimate than a notebook and more capable than a smartphone.” – Steve Jobs

At first glance, the iPad Pro might not sound so innovative. Actually, I don’t think it’s disruptive at all, and it doesn’t have to be for that matter. The continuous improvement strategy around the iPad seems the right thing to do. It not only creates more value for its users, but also perhaps more importantly, tries to transform the way we work. Creative possibility is now in the hands of developers. The iPad Pro gives them a powerful platform to create serious productivity applications and ultimately re-think personal computing software experiences. Combine tablet computing with enterprise software and you have a chance to disrupt a wide range of service industries from education, manufacturing, retail and healthcare.

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